The following Terms and Conditions apply to all lesson agreements made between Kinga (“Kinga”, “Kinga Krupa Music”), its pupils and the parents/carers of its pupils (“the pupil”).


  1. Term Dates

1a. Teaching weeks with Kinga roughly adhere to the New Zealand Ministry of Education School Terms. However, there are occasional differences and the term dates are sent out before every term begins.

1b. At all times it is the responsibility of the pupil to be aware of the first and last dates of tuition weeks.


  1. Communications

2a. All correspondence is sent out to the pupil by email/text message/Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. If this causes a problem, please let Kinga know.

2b. It is the responsibility of the pupil to make Kinga aware of any changes to their contact details. Kinga will not be held responsible for any missed communications, late/overdue payments, missed lessons, etc. if this is due to incorrect contact information.


  1. Timetabling of Lessons

3a. The pupil will be informed of the lesson day, time and the date of their first lesson before their teaching commences.

3b. If the agreed lesson times or days need to be changed, the pupil will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made to continue the lessons at times and days that suit both the pupil and Kinga.


  1. Absences

4a. Individual lessons

4a.i. If the pupil is unable to attend a lesson please let Kinga know at the earliest time possible, in writing.

4a.ii. Where less than 24-hours’ notice is given for missing a lesson no catch-uplesson will be given. This lesson is considered forfeited.

4a.iii. Where at least 24-hours’ notice of the intended absence is given, this is deemed an “explained absence.”

4.a.iv. Kinga will arrange a replacement/catch-up lessons for up to two lessons per term for explained absences with the pupil at a mutually agreeable time.

4b. Group lessons

4b.i. No missed lessons will be rescheduled due to the nature of group lessons. 

4c. Kinga’s absences and unavoidable cancellations.

4c.i. If Kinga is unavailable to teach, she will arrange catch up lessons with the pupil for the soonest time possible at a mutually agreeable time.


  1. Duration of the lesson agreement – ongoing

5a. The lesson agreement between Kinga and the pupil is a rolling agreement that continues into each new term and new year.

5b. The pupils are emailed their invoices towards the end of each term in respect of the following term’s lessons, until a cancellation notice is received, as discussed below.


  1. Cancelling the lesson agreement – pupil opt out of the lesson agreement with Kinga

6a. If the pupil wishes to cancel the lesson agreement with Kinga, written notice must be received by Kinga at least two weeks prior to the intended last lesson.

6b. If the pupil is unable to give two weeks’ notice, they will be charged a late notice fee equivalent to two weeks of lessons (or if only one week’s notice is given, a late notice fee equivalent to the cost of one week’s lessons will be charged).

6c. Exceptions on medical grounds may be made to this as decided by Kinga.

6d. If Kinga has to cancel a lesson agreement, she will endeavour to give two weeks’ notice to the pupil. Any lessons remaining after the term end date will be credited to the pupil’s account if payment has already been made.


  1. Payments

7a. The pupil will be billed for each future term in full towards the end of the preceding term.

7b. Full payment must be received before the new term starts.

7c. Kinga’s bank details are – Westpac account number – 03-1526-0041880-000. Please use the name and surname of the pupil and the invoice number (found at the top of Kinga’s invoice) as a reference.

7d. New pupils will receive an invoice when their enrolment is processed.

7e. If the pupil commences lessons part way through a term, the remainder of that term will be billed in full and payment must be received within two weeks of invoice being issued.


  1. Photography & Filming

8a. Kinga may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes.

8b. The pupil (or parent/carer if under 18 years of age) must inform Kinga in writing at anytime, if they will not allow the use of such images.


  1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

9a. The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon enrolment and may be changed at any point by Kinga with providing notice to the pupil. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on the website and may be emailed to the pupil on request.


Contact details:

Kinga Krupa

22B Toni’s Terrace,

Shotover Country,

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Phone: +64 21 084 37037

Email: info@kingakrupamusic.com

Website: www.kingakrupamusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingakrupamusic