Whether you are 5 or 105, it is never too late to discover your own musicality. It truly is the best thing you can give to yourself or your child to develop your creativity, self-confidence, responsibility, passion, dedication and sensitivity. It also improves our memory, coordination or perception.

Have a look at the variety of lessons and activities and choose the one that suits you best:

  • Piano –  learn to play various styles: from classical pieces, through blues, jazz and pop songs. Discover how chords are built and how to write your own songs using them. This class  will also include some theory and sight-reading as integral part of  pianistic education.
  • Keyboard – choose from hundreds of rhythms and voices to play your favourite songs. You will learn how to select accompaniment, adjust tempo, distinguish chords and use the inventions. Things like c#m7 will be no longer a mistery.
  • Exams preparation – this preparational class is customised for those who are planning to take college exams. We will stay extremely focused on individual needs and cover all that is required to pass the exam with confidence and best results!
  • Theory – theory classes will allow us to focus exclusively on that intellectual side of music. Beginning with key names, intervals, triads, chords, harmony, note values, dynamics, tempos, articulation, modes, all that is essential to understand what is going on when we let the emotions take over and just enjoy music. Theory is also an integral part of other lesson to the extent that is needed on the way.
  • Sight-reading/accompanying – another very important part of musical education especially for those who are planning to accopany themselves, other singers or instruments. We will go through simple exercises and build up gradually. As always, practice makes perfect.
  • Pre-school music – This is for children under 5 years of age. All musical activities – dancing, singing, listening, playing different instruments, recognising volume, speed and scale presented in the way that your child boosts all their creative potential. Give your child balanced brain workout to comprise the coordination of multiple senses, develop auditory, visual and somatosensory integration.